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Story Behind the Painting

There are these moments where it seems like time slows down for a minute. Walking down at Side Cut Park in Maumee, the sun was beginning to set, and, looking over the waters, the sky filled with these beautiful purples and reds. It’s moments like these that just make me pause and think how amazing the Lord is. Even in the busyness of life, I’m so grateful that He is always there for us and loves us so deeply. I hope this painting gives you a moment to pause too and remember He is always right there with you and cares for you.

When Time Slows Down (16"x20")

    • Year - 2021
    • Oil Painting on Canvas 
    • Size - 16in x 20in x .75in
    • Sealed with Gloss Gamvar Varnish
    • Certificate of Authenticity included
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