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Welcome Friend!

As an oil paint artist, I would love to be able to paint a special, and orginal painting for you! I primarily specialize in nature landscape subjects, which can include scenes with people, animals, and buildings as well!

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Getting Started

If you would like for me to do a custom painting for you, send me an email at with your photo attached (the higher the resolution quality the better), and the size canvas you would like.

From there, I will reach out to you to schedule a friendly phone or video chat to personally get to know you and discuss some further details:

  • We'll talk more about the meaning behind your photo and any personal connections it has for you. I love hearing the back story to help share those emotions and memories in the painting!  ​

  • Then we will schedule a timeframe of when I can start the painting for you, and I'll give you an estimated time of when the painting will be completed. Depending on the size and amount of detail, it can range from 1-2 weeks, all the way up to a few months.

  • Afterwards, I'll email you a letter to sign that has everything we discussed outlined and written out to ensure your painting is exactly how you envisioned it!

  • To complete the process, I only ask for a deposit of 50% of the cost be made upfront for me to begin the painting. 


The Painting Process

As I begin the painting I will send progress photos along the way to give you a piece of the experience and make sure everything is exactly how you envisioned it!

Once finished, I will send you the final photos of the painting to make sure it is absolutely perfect for you! If you have any tweaks you would like made at the end, I'll make sure to add those adjustments till you are completely in love with your painting! 


Once the painting is complete, I take great efforts to ensure your painting is packaged securely and sent safely to your home. If you are nearby the Toledo, Ohio area, I would love to personally deliver the painting to you and even help you hang it in your home! 

Choose Your Canvas Size

Below are some available canvas sizes to choose from and their prices. If you have a custom size in mind, let me know and I can give you a cost estimate for it.


Tax is calculated at checkout

Lets Get Started!

If you're ready to have your painting come to life, or have any further questions, you can reach me by email in the contact form here!

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